Youth Program- A blessing


 'And Jesus increased in wisdom and stature, and in favour with God and man'. 1 This verse from the youth program helped me to make spiritual, social, physical, and intellectual goals. One of the covenants that we make at the time of Baptism is to follow Jesus Christ always, and the best way to keep this Covenant is to learn from His life and do the things that He has done. I took advantage of the lockdown to develop myself by doing the things that the Lord wants me to do and to keep the goals that I made.

To develop myself spiritually, I made a goal to complete my family tree. It was not easy because I had to make many calls to get information that took a lot of time. However, I was able to feel the Lord's Spirit guiding me as I sincerely prayed to accomplish my goal. My goal was also to attend seminary, which has helped me understand the Book of Mormon. I was able to build courage and was able to share the Gospel with my school friends and invited them to attend Church, and I never did that before.

During the lockdown, it was not possible to meet extended family and friends. I made a goal to connect with them each week through WhatsApp video calls, and I am grateful that we are blessed with this technology that helped me stay strong and socialize because I did not feel lonely.

Being at home all the time is the most challenging task for youth; I made sure that I kept myself physically healthy; I would go walking and jogging early morning and practice playing volleyball, a sport that I love. After many trials and disasters, I learnt to make a sandwich, cook chicken curry, and bake a cake. I feel like a master chef now.

My intellectual goal was to become more confident in Math, and I have been practising solving problems so that I can become better at the subject.

I am so grateful and feel blessed that I am part of a church that helps youth with programs to become closer to God and follow Jesus Christ. These are very simple things; however, I have been learning and improving.


1 Luke 2:52