Inspirational Messages

The Face to Face broadcast took place on the set of ancient Jerusalem in Goshen, Utah, to highlight Jesus Christ’s earthly ministry
We can make each of our homes a house of faith by believing in the goodness of God and believing that by living gospel principles we can live in spiritual peace and security despite any earthly trials.
New system allows Church members to send the names of individuals in need directly to the temple, where those names can be included in prayers of faith
Three magazines will serve Church members worldwide in new print and digital formats; “Ensign” title will be retired; youth magazine will have a new name
Members of this family have braved all odds and stood strong during these hard testing times to live a life of dignity.
Mini Padmakumar testifies that Heavenly Father will not fail you, or forsake you.
In the temple, we can understand clearly the plan of salvation. The temple covenants that we make really help us to realize the Lord's plan and his purpose in our lives.
As we study “Come Follow Me” as a family I am able to feel the love of Heavenly Father towards me and my family