Young Single Adults and Blind Students Bond in Act of Service

Young Single Adults and Blind Students Bond in Act of Service

Even the threat of monsoon rains could not keep the Young Single Adults (YSA’s) of the New Delhi District away from bringing warmth and sunshine to the students and staff of the Bharat Technical Welfare Society.  Over thirty-nine YSA’s and leaders gathered together on Saturday, July 20th wearing the familiar yellow “Helping Hands” vests to clean, sand, repair and paint the interior walls of the well-used and historic building.

Numerous dignitaries were present to start the event and to express appreciation for the great service rendered including, the Honorable Chairman Prem Singh. Chairman Singh, a distinguished member of the Indian National Congress and holder of a world record of winning nine elections in a row from the same constituency said, “It is service to our fellow man, such as the service being done here today, that gives courage and hope to those who are poor, disabled and in despair.  Thank you for your hard work and for your great example to all.”

Following the presentation of flowers and a plaque of appreciation the work began with young “messengers of love” in yellow vests converged on every wall in the courtyard. Students moved about in amazement at the flurry of activity.  Ladders were put up to reach every corner. Dust filled the air as walls were sanded.  Huge twenty liter pots of paint were mixed with every drop used to beautify the building.  After hours of hard work a much welcomed break was had as lunch and friendships were shared between the students and the YSA’s.

Manoj Gupta, Secretary of the Bharat Blind School, was moved with gratitude as he saw the students and Young Single Adult volunteers interacting together. He said, “This is wonderful that we could work together, thank you for being here.”

The students at the Bharat Blind School learn skills that will help them become independent in the outside world.  Housekeeping, cooking, crafts, technical training and many other skills prepare them for a rich and productive life.  But on this day, they learned about love that is given from the heart freely and generously by young men and women they have never met. Likewise, the Young Single Adults learned lessons of service and selflessness that will stay in their hearts and enrich their lives forever.