Young Single Adult Conference

When the Young single Adult conference dates were announced, all the young single adults were excited because after three years conference was planned to be held. This conference was arranged to unite us to learn and edify one another. The three-day journey was filled with joy and spiritual learning. The Theme of the Conference was “Stay on the Covenant path”. The success of this YSA conference was made possible by the cooperation of our stake and district presidencies with their YSA representatives, who cooperated with the branch or ward YSA representatives.

Excitement doubled as we moved closer to the conference day. As participants, we are responsible for ensuring that we are ready to learn everything that the conference offers. I could not have spent those three conference days doing something else. Being the YSA representative for our district, I had some additional tasks.  To ensure we were all on the same page, we conducted bi-weekly YSA Family Home Evenings and held interaction sessions with our young single adults. My fellow District YSA representative and I shared responsibilities and tasks, which made it simpler for us to inform all the YSA in the district of any updates regarding the conference and any essential preparation in terms of travel, accommodation, or any other specific concerns. I can attest that one can always count on the Lord's assistance while we carry out our callings.

On the conference day, the church leaders warmly welcomed all the YSA. Though we were all exhausted by our journeys, we were thrilled. We had talent shows involving YSA from every stake and district in the evening. These shows included singing, dancing, playing musical instruments, and performing gymnastic acrobatics, among many other things. It was a day set aside so we could all unwind after our long and tedious travels. We had several workshops on self-reliance, and as a participant, I see the value in attending because of the shared information. The workshops were led by wonderful individuals with expertise and experience in both their professional and spiritual life experiences. They taught us how to balance our personal, professional, and spiritual lives while maintaining the proper order of priority. We also learned the importance of investing in ourselves and how God can play a significant role in the success of our life. We gained so much knowledge quickly, including how to search for jobs and pick a career.

 I wonder how much time the workshop facilitators had to invest in gathering the most concise yet extensive knowledge to present to us. I sincerely appreciate the efforts taken by every individual who conducted the workshops.

Uday Botcha from Vizag 2nd Branch
Uday Botcha From Visakhapatnam 2nd Branch

Several workshops and games were held in addition to the workshops. It was a lovely gathering where many met their mission pals, FSY pals, and acquaintances they had not seen in a while. It was a great opportunity to interact with one another and establish new friendships.

My knowledge has increased by a great deal at this conference. One of the crucial things I learned from the conference is the principle of being self-reliant. Secure employment and a strong education are not the only requirements for being self-reliant; you must also be able to care for your spiritual, physical, emotional, and financial needs. It is a complete package that can only be attained by prioritizing God first in our lives.   

“Teach ye diligently and my grace shall attend you, that you may be instructed more perfectly in theory, in principle, in doctrine, in the law of the gospel, in all things that pertain unto the kingdom of God, that are expedient for you to understand.”

My favorite scripture aligns with what I learned at this conference. I know that the gospel of Jesus Christ brings us all together and keeps us on the covenant path, and in this journey, we teach each other and learn from each other. I am extremely grateful for my choice as a participant and a district YSA representative to attend this YSA conference. It was an uplifting experience.