Walk With God And Taste HIS Goodness 

A person's desire is as deep as an ocean; it can be filled with the earthly presence of our loved ones or materialistic desires. However, when we pause and rest in God, we step into an invitation to walk unto God, our loving Heavenly Father. When we are self-effacing and have a compassionate heart, we will rise to a higher level of spirituality.

We live a life filled with both joy and pain. We rejoice over joy but not over pain. Pain, in my opinion, is an asset in our life because it strengthens our faith and belief in our Heavenly Father. I experienced pain when I lost my dad, and within five years, I lost my mother. It took me a great deal of time to comprehend life's reality. I am privileged to have them as my parents. I always knew that I was blessed in that regard. The moments I have shared with my parents, growing in their hands and under their shade, have been a joy. I watched them play with their grandchildren and they cherished it.

My mom has always been a very approachable friend, and I can freely talk to her about anything. She was a great teacher focusing on the positives, understanding the negatives, and overcoming them in life. She was the epitome of unconditional love. A shield to protect my siblings and me from anything harmful. The day she left me, I lost hope in life. I have never imagined a day without her. Losing her is like a fresh wound that is difficult to heal. Perhaps, it will never heal. It took me a while to get bolder to live without my parent's physical presence around me.

Srilatha Gugunta

The greatest comfort came to me when I saw a vision of my parents smiling and happy in Heavenly abode. Through the celestial energy of nature, I understood that I could live my life and honour my responsibilities as a wife, mother, and sister. I knew Heavenly Father wanted me to fulfil my role on this earth.

As the scriptures quote, “For as in Adam all die, even so in Christ shall all be made alive” 1 We learn from the scriptures that the Resurrection is reuniting the physical body and spirit after death.

When I was reading the scriptures, my teary eyes made the letters in the verses grow larger and bolder. My pain was relieved as if a message had been sent for me from above to understand. What remains in my heart is only the testimony of God's plan to sustain me until I meet my parents once again.

At times, things in life might be quite annoying and perplexing. Faith is our spiritual food. To stay strong in our faith, we must keep track of it. When our faith is strong, we know that God will help us and guide us to accept the pain and joy in our life. Faith is not a belief in God that He can do, but it is a belief that He will.

I love to pen a few descriptive words from the fountain of my heart:


“My thoughts and emotions grew visibly strong,

in trifling matters that I have no concern,

a land where I see no water flown,

under the trembling feet, but a broken road.

The reasons are unknown,

against the real pain that I know,

travelling through the night.

The agony of grief held me tight,

for the scriptures quoted, 'God knoweth best,

triggering the faith in me that was at rest.

I have come closer to God again.

His love to me, be seen to reign,

the faithful had worn the crown, and to it, I bow,

Heavenly Father cares for me now,

and guides my future even more

to live a Godly life I adore.

He is with me, my prayers assure..”


I testify that our Heavenly Father is our Eternal God, and through Jesus Christ, we all will resurrect and live with our loved ones.


  • 1 Corinthians 15:20, 22