Trusting Our Journey


When I was on my mission, I wrote this story, which is primarily genuine, and a portion of it is symbolic. The story goes as below;

I have a friend, who used to work in a Multi-National Company. One fine day he was coming home from his office on a bike, unfortunately, he met with a serious accident. Fortunately, a kind man passing by, took him immediately to the nearest hospital and admitted him. He had to undergo a surgery and after the surgery, the doctor told the kind man that if he had not brought him on time, he would’ve died, thanked him for saving his life.

He still needed a lot of care, so his loving wife & family members took tender care of him and did every needful thing to help him get perfectly recover from all the brutal injuries he had due to the accident.

This experience made me think of our Saviour and Redeemer, Jesus Christ. As Christ promised, we can all be saved from physical death, like the kind man who saved my friend from dying.  The way my friend’s loving wife took care of him, likewise Christ has also provided his Gospel to take physical and spiritual care of ourselves. He took upon himself our sins and invites everyone to partake of his goodness by having faith unto repentance, to become a better human being, even a disciple of Jesus Christ.

Exhibiting the qualities of the Saviour needs courage and determination as it is, often the road less travelled but would help us reach our destination. Remember, our journey accompanied with Gospel living will be worth it and accounted for.