True Faith Brings Great Blessings 


I am Yasodha Rajkumar. I joined The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in 2011 and am still standing strong as a disciple of Jesus Christ. I was from a Hindu background, and I didn’t know anything about Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. I used to go to church with my husband, but I didn’t feel comfortable with their teachings. Later I came to know about this church through my husband and through my own promptings.

When we parked our car in front of the Church, we didn’t know that this was a church. My husband and I went inside the Church and a sister greeted us with a smile that was the most beautiful thing which I felt at that time. They started helping us to know about the church and introduced us to the missionaries. This time I felt a special feeling that I can’t express in words, but it was so warm and peaceful. After this experience the missionaries came to our home and started teaching us and letting us know about God and the Words of God.

We were baptized as a family in 2011. When I started learning how to pray, I used to ask many things of the Lord. He started helping me to know many things and showered many blessings upon our family. He helped me to improve my testimony especially by listening to other’s testimonies such as Bro. Sekar’s and Sister Shanthi Sekar’s. This couple was my biggest strength for me to stand in this church firmly. I testify that they are called of God to strengthen us when we are down in spirituality and to help us know God’s plan.

I believe and testify that the teachings from this church will surely improve our temporal and spiritual lives. I was so blessed by God with a wonderful program called Self-Reliance. I know that when we start something with a word of prayer, Lord will bless us to overcome any problems which we may face in life. I know that my children are blessed, and they are walking on the right path with the teachings of the Lord by this Church.

I testify that I know the Church is true and Lord is inviting each one of us to be a part of his kingdom and I know that the Lord won’t leave our hand if we follow him.