Train Them While They Are Young


The Bengaluru Stake Primary Summer Camp was held in May 2021. For the stake and ward leaders, it was a great time teaching and learning along with the primary children; even though it was a virtual summer camp, all the kids were very excited about it.

On the first day of the summer camp, we learned a primary song, “My own sacred grove” this song taught an important lesson about a young boy who knelt to pray to seek answers because of his desire to know the truth; we are blessed with the Restored Gospel of Lord Jesus Christ. The story reminds us to pray so that we can receive answers, courage, personal revelation, and solace in our own sacred grove. The Stake Primary President gave an assignment to the children to showcase their talents. All the children enthusiastically participated by sending their videos and pictures; they used technology and shared their videos on social media. We had fun activities, which included making music using simple instruments. We learned about how we as children can protect this earth the Lord has given us and make it a better place; we also learned to be physically fit; we had an online Zumba fitness class that helped the kids stay actively engaged. Staying fit is part of the Word of Wisdom, where we learn to keep our bodies healthy and active, which in turn will help us be tuned with the spirit.

One of the participants, a little boy named Lakshan, whose family members are of a different faith, attended all the sessions and completed the assignments given at the end of each workshop; this shows his desire to learn and grow.

Family History activity was the most fun activity, where kids could dress up as their ancestors and say something about them. The children also learned about how they can help and encourage their families to do Family History work.

On the last day, we learned how important our families are; we learned to give thanks and be grateful to our family members and strengthen our families by being a good example, especially during the pandemic.