The Missionaries Brought Blessings to our Family


Family is central to our Heavenly Father's great plan of happiness. It was a miracle that our family was blessed with the restored gospel of Jesus Christ through Elder Mickey and Elder Korea in which my daughter, Devika, my son, Raja and I were baptized on November 8, 2009. Actually Raja had ignored listening to the missionaries in the beginning. He used to avoid the missionaries during appointments.  We stayed active in the Church whereas my husband couldn't make it because of his work.

Here a little and there a little, through line upon line, we became familiar with the gospel of Jesus Christ.  This was especially true about the Church's teaching on missionary work.  The Lord planted a desire in my son's heart. The appointed time soon came for Raja to serve.  He worked hard and earned money by himself in order to be prepared for his mission.  

His service in the Lord's vineyard started to bless and comfort us. Later on, the mission president invited all the missionaries to study the Book of Mormon within three months, with a promised blessing of much peace and comfort. Raja started to study while extending the same invitation to Devika. Sharing his testimony often was like a Liahona that served as a guide and strengthened her. Amidst the difficulties she was facing in her life, it was clear to her that suffering lasts for a short while and is soon replaced with joy. He continued testifying to us until miraculously, his father, brother Sokkanathan, was able to make time to receive the missionary lessons and Raja received permission to baptize him during his mission.  

Attending Institute class regularly gave Devika more hope and increased her faith, as the Institute teacher would say,  'Touch the Book of Mormon to feel peace and joy'.

After Raja returned from his mission, we as a family started preparing to be sealed in the Lord's temple. We continued to have family home evening, family prayer, attended church meetings and temple classes as part of our preparation.  We saved every little penny and the Lord blessed us to do the temple work for our ancestors in a miraculous way.  

We were able to gain our own testimony by obeying and listening to the Lord's counsel through church leaders.