The Lord's Hand In My Mission


Prayer is the tool that helped me to press forward with faith and love as I served my mission in Navi Mumbai around 2020 March. It was during this time Covid had begun to spread across India. My companion and I were inside our apartment due to the lockdown for a month and, we began to do our missionary work online. We bought some groceries at the beginning of March which, helped us to survive for some time. However, in April, we ran short of food supply; hence we had to step out for groceries. Unfortunately, the grocery shops were also running out of supplies. Our kitchen was empty; we had only two meals a day and, at times, only one meal. Though this scenario prolonged for some time, we were able to stay strong in our faith. This situation helps me to recall the scripture from the New Testament, which says, 'That man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeded out of the mouth of God.' 1

The number of cases was increasing in Mumbai, so we were asked to move to Delhi. We had the tickets, but unfortunately, the flights were not operating. With the help of members, we were able to stay in a hotel for about forty days. We faced many trials and challenges as all four were tested positive; we followed the protocol and isolated ourselves in the same hotel. Later, after two weeks of isolation, we all were fine and cured. Finally, it took us a week to get the pass from the government to move. During our stay in the hotel, I had two dreams. A man in a white dress invited me to pray, and I didn't reciprocate or pay attention to it initially. But I was prompted to pray for the second time by the same man in the dream. Later I did, as he asked me to pray, and I felt the spirit so strong. To an extent, I was full of Joy. After a few days, the same man came in my dream, but this time he was sharing the words of Jesus Christ, 'They need not depart; give ye them to eat.' 2 These words were crystal clear, which prepared me to stay longer. As predicted, the police officer refused to permit us. With pray and faith, we applied once again to move and miraculously, this time, we received permission to travel to Delhi by car.

We four missionaries were being directed by the Lord as we listened to the instructions from our Mission President Hansen. This journey so far has been the most spiritual, challenging, joyful and demanding experience; this taught me His love for his beloved children especially, those who serve in the field.


1 Matthew 4:3
2 Matthew 14:16