The Joy of Serving and Learning 

Our family joined the Church in the year 2005 just by seeing the Church name board in Erode. As we entered, two young men, namely Elder Nikesh and Elder Boddu who were in missionary attire, welcomed us into the building with a smile.  We were excited to see the structure, the cleanliness and the holiness of the entire building which gave peace to our soul. It made us feel good and happy. As the missionaries started to teach us, myself, my husband and my two daughters felt that it was true. 

We as a family struggled at the beginning as we were from another religion in understanding Christianity but constant support from the elders, continuous love and concern of the members and our eagerness to know the truth helped us to be baptized on 17th March, 2005.

As the days went by, we started to realize that our understanding started to grow. Among the things that kept our spiritual progress moving forward was reading the Book of Mormon every day.  That helped us feel the guidance of the Spirit and blessed us to be obedient in all situations.  Attending church regularly and partaking of the sacrament added meaning to our Sabbath day observance.

Image of Family

Of course without faithful prayer, nothing can happen.  Prayer provides us with an opportunity to speak to the Lord and feel close to Him. As a result of prayer, the day came for our family to be sealed in the Lord's temple in 2007. My elder daughter Vanathi's marriage and younger daughter Vinitha's mission call were the blessings of the Almighty which ultimately made us realize the hands of the Lord in our lives. 

Attending Institute class regularly is also a part of our spiritual progression. We have been active in Institute ever since we joined the church. The knowledge we gained through this was immense and it blessed us to stay strong in troubled times. The manifestation of the Spirit is very strong as my husband and myself do the Institute assignments together every Sunday. It is also a tool to keep the Sabbath day holy. I had the privilege of serving the sisters in my branch by sharing my testimony about attending Institute class. A few of them were touched and started to attend it and to taste the gospel as I have. 

As it says in Doctrine and Covenants 6:7, seeking wisdom and the mysteries of God has made us richer than seeking for worldly wealth. Among the many things we have learned in the Church, the one principle that stands firm in my heart is to be in the world but not of the world.  This statement gives me hope and comfort as I serve, learn, minister and preach the gospel to my fellow beings.