The Canadian Chinooks

The Canadian Chinooks

I was born and raised in southern Alberta, Canada. While typically a beautiful country in the summer months, the winters can be terrible. A terrible day in Calgary could include one meter of new snow on the ground, icy roads and temperatures as cold as -50 C with a biting wind chill. For all those who live in Mumbai or Chennai, I have little sympathy. Also for those of us living in New Delhi who often complain that our 2 months of cold winter, this is nothing compared to what we see in Canada. There are two other complications to Canadian weather which I wish to discuss today:

  1. Extended Periods of Cold Weather -  I have seen snow fall during every month of the year, including the summer months.
  2. Temperature Changes – It is not uncommon to see the temperatures increase or decrease by 20 degrees in a matter of hours. The is often caused by what is called a “Chinook wind”. As seen in the attached pictures, a thick dense cloud appears, a strong wind begins to blow and up comes the temperature in a dramatic manner.  

Anyone who has lived through these events, will tell you that they are spectacular to watch and the warm weather lifts the spirit of everyone. It becomes a welcome change.

As we begin a new year I wonder if we need to create our own personal Chinook wind. Do we need to make a dramatic change in our lives that will, like the Chinook winds.

  • Warm us from a cold deep freeze in our life.
  • Allow us to see a brighter day. Encourage us that a change is a welcome blessing.
  • Teach us that change can really happen.  

I have always been impressed with examples found in the Book of Mormon regarding change. For example, the story of Laban (1 Nephi 4) states that Nephi was being asked to do something that he had never done before when he said, “never at any time …” and “I shrunk …” It was clear that he was being asked to do something he did not want to do. We like Nephi, are often asked to do things which require us to try something new or extend ourselves to do something that just doesn’t feel comfortable. If you read further in the chapter you will learn of Zoram who when challenged to make an immediate change in his life responds in the following way as recorded by Nephi. “… Zoram did take courage at the words which I spake. … he promised that he would go down into the wilderness unto our father. Yea he also made an oath unto us that he would tarry with us from that time forth.” (1 Nephi 4:35) Moving to the wilderness doesn’t sound like much fun in the beginning but the act ultimately blessed the life of all who were willing to respond to a call for change. Notice that Zoram made an oath or promise when he was asked to change. These sorts of commitments act as a strength in our life as we respond to the call for change.

So the New Year has arrived. What changes are we going to make in our life? If we are wise and make good changes, these warm winds will forever move us in a course that will influence both ourselves and those around us for good.

I wish you all the very best at this time. Happy New Year!