The Book Of Mormon

The Book Of Mormon

The Book of Mormon

'And now behold, I say unto you that when the Lord shall see fit, in his wisdom, that these sayings shall come unto the Gentiles according to his word, then ye may know that the covenant which the Father hath made unto the children of Israel, concerning their restoration to the lands of their inheritance is already beginning to be fulfilled.' 3 Nephi 29:1 I have often wondered if even Mormon realized the significance of the work with which  he was engaged. Did he know that the Book of Mormon would be read by people in every corner of this vast world? We know that he was directed by our Heavenly Father to perform a great and marvelous work among the children of men and that he was continuously directed as to what should be included and what should not be included within the book. We also know that the book was not written for the people in Mormon's day rather it was written for our day. For you, me, our families, friends and for every living soul who walks upon this earth. 

I have found two important blessings that are gained by reading and studying the Book of Mormon:

 1. A Firm Foundation - I have found in my own life that when I read and study the Book of Mormon daily my testimony is strengthened daily of the true and living gospel. It helps me to know that my Heavenly Father loves me and that He wants me to be happy and return and live with him again. Often a person is attracted to the Church because of friends or family who encourage them to come and partake of the goodness found in the teachings of the Church. Over time it is the Book of Mormon that provides the capacity for us to continuously hold to the iron rod and endure to the end.  

2. Daily Strength - I am amazed how many times I was weighed down with concerns or issues when I found the solution to my concerns  within the Book of Mormon. Today for example, I was reading the Book of Mormon within the Book of Mormon, chapters 1 and 2.  To think that Mormon was 10 years old when first identified by the Lord through Amaron to complete the work of writing sections and compiling the Book of Mormon. He then became a leader of the armies at age 16. If that can happen to such a young man then my problems or concerns would be easily solved by the Lord. The book offers treasures of knowledge, you just need to read it every day.

So don't just believe my words, go find out for yourself. Read it every day and I promise that you will be blessed and strengthened daily. I make this promise because I have personally experienced it. Finally don't forget those you love, share the Book of Mormon with everyone. They need the blessings that will come from it. My prayers and thoughts are that each of us will come unto Christ and bring our family and friends with us.      

President Peter E. Sackley

India New Delhi Mission