The Blessings of the True Gospel


I am Grace Moradi from Malviya Nagar Ward. I am 64 years old and was born in a Christian Family. I was the second last child of my parents. We were ten brothers and sisters. I have grown seeing my parents teaching us about spirituality.

I married a man who was a very spiritual Roman Catholic. I have learnt a lot from him. We have three lovely kids. He created such an environment in my home that my kids are still following in his footsteps. I lost my husband when my kids were teenagers. At his last moment, he held my hand and told me not to let my kids go astray.

After my husband’s death, my only concern was my kids. I am grateful to my Lord that he chose my family at the right moment when I needed him the most. Through our relatives, my daughter was introduced to missionaries of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. She and my younger son got baptized first. After seeing changes in them I and my elder son got baptized. Since then, our life has changed. 

I have seen many miracles in my life because of this true Gospel. The one I will never forget is learning to read English. I had a desire to read the Book of Mormon and other scriptures, too, in English. I am so privileged to bear witness that My Lord lives and he knows our righteous desires. He always fulfills them. Today I can read my scriptures and understand it also. This has only been possible because of my Lord’s blessing.