The Blessings of Setting and Achieving Goals


The pandemic has been a very tough time. However, I am grateful that Heavenly Father has helped me to strengthen and improve myself. As I set goals for my spiritual, intellectual, and physical development, I was able to draw closer to Christ.  

My spiritual goal was to read scriptures and pray every day. Learning from the scriptures has been helping me to feel the Lord’s spirit and prepare myself for my mission. Praying every day with a sincere heart is helping me to feel Heavenly Father’s love for me. I know that He listens to my prayers. I felt His guidance in making right choices.  

Exercising everyday for one hour was a physical goal that I kept. During the pandemic this was the most important goal to keep, as I was at home all the time. Making sure that I ate healthy helped me to overcome a few medical challenges that I was facing. Being physically healthy was important for me as I was preparing for my board examinations. I feel blessed to have followed the principles of the word of wisdom.  

I love artwork and dance. I improved my skills in drawing that helps me like a stress buster. I enjoyed learning to dance. It makes me happy. 

I do know that Heavenly Father’s guidance and help has always been there for me to make these goals and more importantly to keep them. I know that these goals help me to grow in wisdom and stature just like Jesus Christ during his time on the earth.  

I know that strengthening myself spiritually, physically, intellectually, and socially will help me to become closer to Christ, to be a good daughter and to be a better friend. All of these are helping me prepare to serve the Lord.