The Blessings of Food Storage


I joined the Church in 2009 and was active with the help of the members especially under the protection of sisters in Relief Society. I work as a lecturer in a college and though I teach subjects to the youngsters, I know for sure that I too have lots to learn in order to be happy. 

One day I received an invitation from the Relief Society presidency to attend an activity.  It was held on a weekday but I committed myself to go since I felt that I would learn something valuable and needful for my family.  And of course it was true as I enjoyed the Spirit’s manifestation throughout the activity. 

The activity was about food storage which seemed new to me.  I wasn’t sure why I needed to do it.  However, in 2016 I started to do food storage with the encouragement of and under the supervision of the sisters in my branch.  I learned how to keep food safe, without wasting it and to take the necessary steps to keep it fresh for an year.  The Lord is always mindful of us and He knows the future. 

President Thomas S Monson said, 'Learn from your past, live in the present and prepare for the future.'1  As I learned to do so, I was blessed to have sufficient food in my kitchen at all times.  I cautiously prepared for the future more diligently in present times.  Although we were without a job and income at certain times, we never tasted hunger. 

  I know that my Heavenly Father loves His children and He will never leave us without food especially at this uncertain time. We have been blessed to have sufficient physical and spiritual food at present as we press forward with hope and peace.   


1  Thomas S. Monson, “Go For It!” Liahona, May 1989.