The Blessings of Family History

I was blessed to join the Lord’s true Church when I was four years old. Our family was active and attended Church regularly which helped us to receive a testimony of the Gospel. I attend Primary and learned the importance of being baptized. It was a memorable day when I was baptized on my 8th birthday. I entered the waters of baptism and made covenants with God. The Lord, my loving family members and the fellow saints in the branch helped me to prepare to be baptized and the day was special to me personally as I felt the love of the Lord.

Later I prepared myself to receive the Aaronic Priesthood. I learned about Family History work in a workshop conducted in our branch. My heart was filled with great joy as I completed the family history work for four generations. My parents and grandparents helped search to find the names and details of my ancestors. The stories shared by them were interesting and fun. The spirit of the Lord united me with my ancestors as I did this great work.

I know that my ancestors on the other side need my help in order to be united as a great family. I felt happy as I saved those valuable souls. Sister Wendy Nelson said, “Family history work will bring miracles to your life and the lives of those you love.”1  I know that if I desire to do the will of the Lord by doing this marvelous work, the Lord will definitely provide me ways to find the details that I am in need of. I testify that doing family history work will bless the lives of the living and the dead. 


1.  Rachel Sterzer, “Family History Is about People,” Church News, 23 February 2016.

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