All fairytales usually end with the girl marrying the boy and living happily ever after. Fairy tales are intelligently written as they cater to the needs of their readers, who are predominantly children and youth. Have you ever wondered why most adults do not indulge in fairy tales? That is because they all have outlived the happy conclusion of the fairy tales. Only they know what happens after they get married. They truly know 'THE END’ means the end to fairy tales and THE BEGINNING to reality.

Now reality does not have to be very harsh after all. Although we know the first lovers of humanity, Adam, and Eve, also had a sad ending to their Eden Garden life and a harsh beginning in their life in a dreary world where they had to suffer and eventually die. But I would like to remind you that Adam and Eve fell that men and women may have joy. This means they sacrificed their fairy tale home in Eden Garden and chose to give that up for something more superior, satisfying and rewarding. Yes, Family life. In the garden, our first parents could not have ever experienced the joy of holding a newborn child in their hands. They could never have enjoyed the miracle of witnessing an infant grow into a man like himself and be a partner in creation. They would have remained mere puppets, not knowing happiness and progression.

Although millions of jokes and memes are circulating worldwide on the pathetic status of both men and women who choose to get married and on marriage itself. A popular notion now claims that being single and not marrying is wise and cool. No one can deny the emptiness and loneliness of being single overall.

However, it is not just about emptiness and loneliness; beyond that, it is about improvement and progression and eventually exaltation.

A popular Tamil saying reads, 'A good family is a university', and I agree. Family is a reservoir of knowledge and a fortress of safety. I have come across many who are not blessed to be raised in a family, and almost all of them have expressed their longing for a home and a family. To those of my beloved brothers and sisters who have lost their parents or other family members and stand alone in this vast world, I assure you that the lord loves you and is mindful of you; you, too, can have a family as you choose to be married and become fellow partners with God in the plan of salvation helping his spirit children gain a physical body and be valiant stewards in rearing them in righteousness.

Pres. Isaac

I also would like to address those who have not found joy in married life, those who have been divorced or have been victims of spouse abuse, challenges by in-laws, wayward and rebellious children, or simply incompatible partnerships. There is no single right resolution to it. However, you can also be happy, and I assure you there is hope in Christ. As you prayerfully choose to prioritise your eternal joy and salvation, you can make the right choice that would help you manoeuvre out of these complicated knots smoothly. Remember, you need not suffer alone; you need not choke in a toxic relationship. You can seek professional and spiritual help. We all learn from mistakes; we can make wise choices the next time we fail. Do not be afraid or worry about judgmental eyes and merciless tongues. All that matters is how you look in the eyes of your maker, your savior who loves you. We all belong to his family. He is hope; he is the way. However, if there is room for forgiveness, please forgive; if there is room for change, be the bigger person and give up on what stands between you and a happy family.

No marriage is perfect, and every family has its hurdles. But I assure you that each stage in family life brings complete happiness. I have enjoyed the love and affection from my parents, and I have been blessed with their strict upbringing and chastisement that has protected me from going astray. I have been blessed with a loving, understanding and forgiving spouse who helped me grow from a vain boy to a responsible man. I am grateful to have two angels as my children who show me a glimpse of heaven each day. I am grateful to my Heavenly Father, who created this plan for you and me. In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen