Asia Leader Message

I have come to understand that I need faith to pray, but as I pray and experience the rewards of prayer, my faith in God increases.
Atonement – An Eternal Sacrifice By President Bushi, India Bengaluru Mission
It’s important that we start now in our own lives and with our families to find ways to celebrate the life and mission of the Savior.
Regularly feasting upon the words of Christ is as essential to our spirits as eating and drinking is to our physical body.
What truly matters is how we honor those covenants and maintain the attendant blessings of the temple throughout our lives.
We can show the Lord we love Him by qualifying for and carrying a temple recommend.
President Russell M. Nelson, our beloved prophet, has powerfully emphasized that our unique responsibility is to help gather scattered Israel and prepare the world for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ
Our greatest asset for peacemaking in a contentious world is to choose to let our hearts be filled with the Christlike emotions and attributes that calm and sooth in contentious moments.
May we all strive to be true disciples of Jesus Christ, and to follow His example of love and service by helping others to experience the blessings of belonging to our spiritual family.
Across the Asia area we are blessed with thousands of wonderful young women and young men who the Lord has sent to give us strength, hope, and joy.
The Sabbath day is set apart for partaking of the sacrament, for renewing sacred covenants.
If we hold to our covenants, we will find the power we need to meet the challenges that come our way.