We are grateful for the opportunity we got to serve the people in the community
The Lord’s work will go forth no matter what happens
The most important of the Lord's work that you will ever do, will be the work you do within the walls of your own home
The Lord speaks to his people in many ways; one of them is through his chosen leaders
The church provides various opportunities for both, the youth and the adults, to enjoy learning the Gospel of Jesus Christ
I was born in this world to a hardworking and loving parent who had a zeal to bring up their children in a righteous way as Christians.
Our Lord never wants his children to go astray from the righteous path or be clueless upon this earth after his mortal life
Meeting with members, participating in the sacrament administered by the priesthood brethren, listening to God's words and feeling the presence of the Holy Spirit is a joyful experience
When you know and understand how completely you are loved as a child of God, it changes everything
Family History work has connected me again to my family and many childhood memories
Learning from the scriptures has been helping me to feel the Lord’s spirit and prepare myself for my mission
The youth felt good that after a long time they all gathered and worked together, and that they could help others in need