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Vidya Suresh testifies that the missionaries are called with a sacred calling to represent Christ, and they do their very best.
Prayer helps me become strong and believe that God loves me and responds every time I seek Him
There are core truths and principles given by our Savior that will never change, but as mankind grows and environments change, so does the administration of His Church
Nitya Srinivasan tells her story of how she avoided ministering sisters to then loving the experience and then deciding to serve a mission.
I was able to reprogram my energies to focus on simple pleasures and then my home turned to be a place of magic
Neelima Mungamuri shares a story of a 70-year-old woman who always carried with her the spirit of joy on the island of Kiribati
Raising our children spiritually is not only a responsibility but also a privilege
Together we live on this earth, which is to be tended, subdued, and shared with gratitude.
Prophets Lead Us to Christ
I am so grateful to my seminary teacher who shows me Christ-like love and helps me become closer to the Lord
Among the many things we have learned in the Church, the one principle that stands firm in my heart is to be in the world but not of the world.
Shalini said, “We had prayers, we sang hymns and felt the wonderful spirit