Sharing The Talents Gives Me Joy

In 2016, my friend Leslie, a church member, invited me to be the guest pianist for the Christmas choir. The time I spent with the choir members made me feel their love and care. That one month of choir practice with the members helped me to mingle with them, and I was able to witness the good qualities in each of them. I saw a few brothers who played a dual role of being a musician and a leader in magnifying their callings along with their family and career responsibilities. This provoked me to help them by playing music in the sacrament meeting, and later on, I started to teach the children and youth to play the piano.

Canceling a few of my professional concerts for the welfare of the youth and children in learning to play music gives me inner satisfaction and joy. Parents trusted me and brought the children to the church building, showing their great love for their children, which helped me to realize the importance that the church teaches to the parents. Teaching music to these valiant souls will bless the other members to feel reverence and the spirit. A quote by Elder Dieter F Uchtdorf, “There is a way for everyone…to participate in this great work. We can each find a way to use our particular talents and interests to support the great work of filling the world with light and truth” 1 becomes true as I was offered to do so. As the days passed, I was taught by the missionaries and got baptized. 

Sharing the talents gives me Joy
Sharing the talents gives me Joy Sharing the talents gives me Joy

Hence, it was my dream to make a group of members to be a part of the choir and to find the hidden talent in singing. A question by a leader, “What’s your contribution to the church in building the Lord’s kingdom?” stirred my thoughts to use my talent to teach music to the interested soul gives me immense joy. Many times, the call from the little children made me feel enthusiastic, and I realized that each one could influence others by doing something small and simple to build Zion wherever we are. Gradually, I was taught by the full-time volunteers of the church and became a member of this true church. Testimony, good example, and selfless service rendered by my fellow members gave hope to me that I am in the right place. I know that the Lord chooses each one of us with a purpose to carry our life.

“The successes in life of those we assist, sponsor, mentor, and lift as they pursue their own talents can bring us great joy and satisfaction.' It is a wonderful feeling to help others to learn something new or to develop their talents. There is real Joy and Happiness in serving God through these small and simple things.


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