Scriptures - My Spiritual Guide


In this mortal Journey, we cannot walk alone. We all need divine guidance, and this can best be obtained from the scriptures. “Feast upon the words of Christ; for behold, the words of Christ will tell you all things what ye should do.” 1 To feast means more than to taste, it means to savour. We savour the scriptures by studying them in a spirit of delightful discovery and faithful obedience.

Scriptures help me to stay stronger every day, it is an important source in my daily life. The scripture helps me in various ways to connect with our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. When I read my scriptures, I write down the questions in my notebook and ponder them. And I receive my answers through Prayer. The additional sources such as “The Bible dictionary” and “Topical guide” are the study tools that we can use while reading scriptures to have an effective way to understand the scripture.

When I read scriptures diligently, I find joy and peace. It’s a powerful tool that directs my life, just like a map that shows us the path. Only by following it, I know I can reach my destination. Whenever we read scripture as a family, I have experienced us receiving many answers to our questions. During challenging times, my mom always encourages us to read scriptures, most of the times she asks us to read a particular verse or a chapter from which she knows that the words will comfort us or direct us towards progression. I am always amazed by her scriptural knowledge.

We all go through hard times in our life, we pray often to receive answers, but we can receive such answers only when we read scriptures faithfully. Only by reading scriptures, we can understand his perfect love for us. We are a happy family because we read scriptures together and share them. When we make scripture study a daily part of our lives, then the doors of revelation will be opened unto us. The central purpose of scriptures is to help everyone become closer to our loving Heavenly Father and in his son Jesus Christ. It is never too late to begin seriously feasting upon the words of God. At this point in our lives, we all need individual spiritual guidance. scriptures have always been my Liahona, my spiritual guidance and my strength.



1 2 Nephi 32:3