Returning To Church


Pandemic had a very big impact on almost everyone in this world. We all missed physically worshipping our Lord through music, messages, and great lessons. During the pandemic, we had the opportunity to gather as saints virtually via zoom. Many saints had no experience using technology; however, members received assistance to set up their devices, and many youths and Young single adults taught them how to use the technology. One of the greatest challenges was serving members and meeting their needs during the critical time of crisis. We were unable to reach out to them even though we wanted to help.

While we were gathering virtually every week, many members were affected by the covid-19 pandemic. I am sure that many members did not speak about it, but there was always 'Hope.' God is in charge, and I am confident that he will keep us safe and provide us with what is required for us in these hard times.

Being a recent return missionary, I truly missed our congregation, and when I heard the announcement that we were allowed to gather once again, I was overjoyed. Upon entering the chapel, I felt a sense of peace and renewed enthusiasm. From the Book of Mormon, we read, 'The church did meet often to fast, to pray, and to talk to one another about the welfare of their souls. They did meet often to partake of bread and wine in remembrance of the Lord Jesus.'1

Meeting with members, participating in the sacrament administered by the priesthood brethren, listening to God's words and feeling the presence of the Holy Spirit is a joyful experience. Seeing the missionaries meet with members and have in-person appointments is great excitement. Their service is greatly appreciated; the way they serve the Lord and assist the leaders is incredible. It is a joy to serve my brethren and sisters and personally witness their smiles. I testify that Heavenly Father loves us and cares for us deeply. I know that Jesus is the Master Healer, and He can heal us and keep us safe from all the effects of this pandemic. God has chosen Russell M. Nelson to guide us to safety during these last days; we will all be lost without this.


  1. Moroni 6:5-6