Raising Children Is A Sacred Duty


The principles and the teachings from the Gospel of Jesus Christ always helps a person to be righteous. I know that raising children, especially righteous children, is becoming more challenging in this generation. Raising upright children is important and necessary because our leaders have taught, 'Parents have a SACRED DUTY to rear their children in love and righteousness.' 1 For me, raising righteous children means teaching them to do right, always being right in words, actions, and thoughts. Christ loves us all as his children; he wants all his children to be righteous, which in turn will help us gain the blessing of eternal life.

If I, as a parent, do not teach my children to choose to be right, the world will teach them something else, and as a result, they might go away from God. Most of us know that children are great imitators; they follow what they see and hear. I know that one of the best ways to teach my children is by being a good example. When they see me praying and reading scriptures, I am teaching them to do the same. When I obey the Lord's commandments, my children will follow me, become spiritually, physically strong, and gain a testimony. I am happy to say that my children made prayer and scripture study part of their lives at an early stage.

I am so blessed to witness their faith. Recently when I was tested positive for Covid, they never ceased to pray for me; they also prayed for their father's transfer back to Hyderabad. Heavenly Father answered their prayer by blessing me with good health, and my husband returned to Hyderabad. This was a needed miracle in our lives that strengthened their faith.

As a mother, I am worried about many things regarding the well-being of my children; this is when I seek Heaven's help. I always receive answers and councils through scriptures, general conference talks, and the prompting from the Holy Ghost to do the right things. I learnt that if I teach them gently, be patient to listen to them and have quality time with them by reading to them, sharing stories and playing along with EXTRA LOVE, they are willing to listen to me and follow what I ask them to do. I am happy to see the changes in my children when I act upon the prompting of the Holy Spirit. Raising children in this generation is challenging in many ways, but when I put my efforts in by seeking help from the Lord, do the right things and be a good example, our Lord takes care of the rest. These trivial things make a massive difference in my children's lives.


1 The First Presidency and Council of the Twelve Apostles of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 'THE FAMILY-A PROCLAMATION TO THE WORLD.'