Preparation Is An Essential Part Of The Eternal Progression

Manju Babu, Adyar Branch, India Chennai District
Manju Babu, Adyar Branch, India Chennai District Preparation Is An Essential Part Of The Eternal Progression

I was called as an FSY counsellor three weeks before the Conference. I had to prepare myself mentally, along with lessons and activities. I was also finding ways to help the youth understand the importance of FSY.

Despite being nervous about everything ahead, I received the strength to handle the responsibility of taking care of the youth. I am grateful to the Chennai assistant coordinators who enriched me with quality training, which was very helpful.

Guiding the youth in every way at the Conference paved the way for me to learn a little about parenting and more about sacrifice and charity. I was amazed by the humility, friendship, sacrifice and charity every leader and counsellor had for the church youth and their comrades.

The spirituality in the Conference reminded me of missionary life. This Conference taught not only youth but all who were present. I have seen miracles and uplifting faithful experiences of many people at the Conference. I am sure it has greatly impacted everyone's life. The theme of the Conference was 'Trust in the Lord ' this has helped all youth to strengthen their faith and keep trusting in the Lord.

A few children seldom wanted to come and even got homesick at the beginning of the Conference, but as hours and days passed,  we were uplifted by the Spirit, and the children soon understood the purpose of the FSY conference. We all returned home full of joy, and our Trust in the Lord grew enormously. This is an allegory of how we too often feel burdened with fear, doubt and worries in our lives; once we start to find joy in God's work and keep trusting in Him, I am confident that we will one day go back to our loving Heavenly Father. The Lord is always there to uplift us in every situation. I am extremely happy and grateful to God, for he has chosen me to do his work. I am also grateful to my company youths who showed and shared their love and joy with me—blessed to be at the FSY conference. Indeed, FSY taught me how preparation is an essential part of the progression.