Out Of The Mouth Of Babes

Children usually teach us many powerful messages. I am grateful to the Almighty for letting these precious angels surround me. Children today seem more choicest as they are being sent with their valiance in this dispensation of time to battle against evil and extraordinarily defend the truth.

What might seem to them the truth or doctrine as they may understand puzzles me. The answer to this is concrete - their simple love for the Savior and their determination to willingly obey.

There are a few incidents that I would like to pen here that inspired me, and on the same connotation, I yearn to inspire all who may read.

Ever since Belina was four, she flooded me with many spiritual questions, even at that young age. One thing that always intrigued me was her willingness to nod and instantly obey. Now she turned 13 recently and shared with me an incident where she told me without any sense of regret that 'All of my friends chose to go to Star Bucks to sip tea/coffee/snacks, but even without asking for any permission from my parents I said No to accompany them.'


When she was 5, Belita came running to me during an event of Braiden's cultural in his play school. She said I went outside and saw people serving hot tea, and she asked why they always do this....why can't they serve milk. Now she is going to turn 11 and always praises God beautifully with her irresistible nightingale voice.

Braiden, when he was 5, during a time of family prayer, pleaded with Heavenly Father to help Prophet Nelson live 100 more years on earth. Now he will turn nine and still keeps praying for the branch to become a stake and the temple.

When he was 3, Christensen prayed to Heavenly Father to get a seat in a school where it seemed impossible. He knew Heavenly would answer his prayer, and HE did it too.

Oh, how grateful I am for all the Primary presidencies which teach all the correct principles wherein even the little ones can govern themselves.

  1. Galatians 6:2-5
Sis. Margret Jebamani, Tambaram Branch, Chennai, India District