Nothing Is Impossible To The Lord  

The Lord gives both talents and challenges to all mankind so that we can be perfected and return to Him. The quote by Pres. Russell M Nelson, “There is only one in whom your faith is always safe, and that is in the Lord Jesus Christ”, 1  comes true in the life of a young man named Akash. He was regular to the church and desired to learn the gospel line upon line and precept upon precept. 

One day we, as a branch presidency, were inspired to visit his family; during the visit, we learned that the boy and his parents were worried about his fluency disorder weakness, which made him lose hope, because of which young boy Akash hesitates to go to school. The branch president Richard Paul comforted the parents by saying their son would be cared for. Under the guidance of the branch president, we, the counselors, myself, and Arun, prayed and decided to work with him.  

Bro. Vijo George
Bro. Vijo George Bro. Vijo George

The following week, we sat with Akash and made him understand the importance of the sacrament; in a friendly way, we extended a commitment to him. We taught him how to say the sacrament prayer with much spiritual manifestation. With regular guidance over the phone, we taught him the sacrament prayer word by word for six weeks. The calls were made four days a week for three hours a day. The scripture says, “Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer.” 2 As Akash continued to be patient in his challenges and prayed fervently, things started to change. One fine Sunday morning, after diligent preparation, the moment arrived, and he said the sacrament prayer without stumbling. He said he felt so calm and had peace in his heart; his heart was light. His parents were in tears to witness their son doing his priesthood responsibility with much love for the Lord.

“We may have to struggle to achieve our goals, but our struggles may yield as much growth as our learning. The strengths we develop in overcoming challenges will be with us in the eternities to come.” 3 The promise is for sure. As Lord’s appointed servants, we, too, felt good and happy for Akash, especially for his desire to serve the Lord. We also gained our testimony on magnifying our calling and putting the Lord first; moreover, looking at others with Christlike attributes will help us all understand our role in life. 


1 President Russell M. Nelson “Let Your Faith Show”, General Conference,     April 2014 

2 Romans 12:12

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