Nothing Can Stop The Will and Work of the Lord

Baptism picture of a family

It was my pleasure to meet Brother Santhosh’s mother, sister and grandmother along with Elder Bangari and Elder Dadla.  Brother Santosh had been baptized two months earlier into the Church.  His mother, Sister Sumathi,  is a woman of great knowledge and energy. Both Santhosh and his sister were brilliant in studies because of their mother’s hard work.  Both mom and grandma were working in the Erode Collectorate Office as temporary staff.  As a part of their job, they were obliged to supply tea and coffee to the visitors in the office.  

As we met with them and shared the Gospel, we were inspired by the spirit and bore our testimony of the blessings that come from obeying the Word of Wisdom. As a result of our testimony, the daughter told us that her grandma had thrown all the tea and coffee powders away from their kitchen.  Later when they were pressured by higher officials at work to taste tea and coffee, they chose to obey the Word of Wisdom. I was touched by the Spirit to witness the change of heart of this lovely family as we shared our testimony with them.  

Both Sister Sumathi and her mother were made permanent staff in the office which was a blessing to them as they seek to do the things that please our Heavenly Father and His Son Jesus Christ. The day came for this wonderful family to be baptized on 15th March 2020.  The ordinance was performed by a few priesthood brothers despite COVID-19. I felt the spirit's manifestation as I was one among the brethren who took part in baptizing and confirming this happy eternal family. I am happy that the Lord has blessed our branch at this crucial time to have these three baptisms. I testify that nothing can stop the work and will of the Lord. And I know that our loving Heavenly Father wants each one of us to be happy.