My Unforgettable Experience

Embarking on the journey of organising the Primary Camp Activity for the Rajahmundry India Stake was both a privilege and a challenge. Planning an event to foster children's spiritual, physical, and mental growth requires dedication and inspiration, both of which were graciously provided by the Lord.

The central theme that guided our activities was: “I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.”1 This powerful message became the cornerstone of our efforts to instil resilience, faith, and a strong connection to Christ in the young hearts.

Our planned activities were diverse, each designed to impart valuable lessons to the primary children:

1. David Vs Goliath Challenge: In this engaging activity, children threw stones at a

Goliath poster, mirroring David’s bravery. The goal was to teach them how to face

and overcome life’s temptations with courage and determination.

2. Planting Seeds of Faith: Symbolizing the growth of faith through daily prayers and scripture reading, we encouraged children to pull a bead from a card for each day they spent in scripture study. Emphasising the Children Development Program aimed at holistic improvement, we motivated them to nurture their faith daily, encompassing spiritual, social, physical, and intellectual aspects.

3. Building the Boat: Drawing inspiration from the stories of Noah and the Brother of Jared, we conveyed to the children that with faith in God, they can navigate life’s challenges just like these biblical figures sailed through great waters to reach the promised land.

4. Walking on Water: Parallel to Peter’s experience, this activity stressed the

importance of unwavering faith and staying focused on the Lord, ensuring that the

children could achieve anything in life.


The support extended by all the Ward Primary Presidencies was invaluable. Their

volunteerism in providing a potluck lunch for all participants created a sense of community and joy among the children.

This enriching experience impacted the children and deepened my testimony. Witnessing the Lord’s hand in the success of this activity affirmed the principle that when one truly prepares, the Lord stands with them.

He is the author of my salvation. I know that Joseph Smith was a prophet who restored the gospel. Furthermore, I testify that President Russell M. Nelson is a prophet of God for our times.


  1. Philippians 4:13