My Spiritual Passport - My journey


Invitations are central to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and the invitation extended to me in 2018 inspired me to love God, and the decision rested with me. The circumstance during the period was no easy feat, but all I had was the knowledge that the Restoration would be com­ing. A voice that always prompted me to know the desirable fruit of the period. Accepting the invita­tion allowed me to understand the Gospel principle so central to my well-being. The two scenarios co­incided so that I was able to testify of the Saviour in the same year, and I got married to a faithful returned missionary who is a good friend and a few months after came the temple announcement in Bengalu­ru, India. The saints of the restored church were in for an extraordinary gift as life unfolded before them.

A few months later, when we stepped into the Hong Kong temple on a sacred day, I felt a great sense of spiritual treasure. As I remem­bered my father’s constant counsel to me as a young girl before he passed away, the exact words kept repeating. He always said, “Believe in your capacity to do great and good things”. Then I realized, he likely knew one day we would perform his baptism. Tears blurred my vision, and I felt, life is beautiful when we live the Gospel. Marriage is a divine plan, and there are no words to describe the spirit we felt during our sealing ceremony. Seeing myself in the mirror in front, I realized we had all succeeded in combating all the odds with our minds, strength, and determina­tion – the Lord prepared the way to ensure that future generations have a path to travel.

By looking into each other’s eyes, we knew this truth would be real if we continued to believe God’s objective, should be our objective. Our hearts were deep in gratitude, and we dedicated and rededicat­ed our lives to serving God and His children - on both sides of the veil. As we left the Holy Place, our hearts were filled with indescrib­able peace, love, and comfort. Eternity can still linger in our minds like dew from heaven.

We made a sacred promise when we returned home to regard the place we live as a house of prayer, a house of fasting, a house of learn­ing, a house of God, and a house of pure & sincere love.