My Search For Truth


I had lived 45 years of my life with all the understanding and teachings of my parents, teachers, family, and friends.  

My husband being an Army Officer, I had opportunities of traveling to different places in the country. It was a busy life with so much to accomplish. I was born in a Christian family but never had much conviction to live by all the teachings I grew up with. Very often, I felt the gentle stirring of my spirit seeking or searching for something that was missing in my life.  Finally, we settled down as a family for good in our hometown after my husband had taken a premature retirement. I felt once again the strong urges of this search. But I did not do anything about it.   

During this time, our younger son had an unpleasant experience in one of his religion classes that he attended under the instructions of my mother-in-law.  

This sparked interest in his mind about spirituality and he wanted to know more about the gospel of Jesus Christ.   

We set out together as a family with an open mind to learn more about the different groups of churches that taught different principles, but we were not satisfied.   

Our younger son wanted to visit the different congregational churches and so we decided to grant him his wishes. God saw the desire of our hearts and so one morning in 2008, we stepped into the meeting house of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  

When I saw the picture of the First Vision, I realized and recognized God reaching out to a small kid. I quietly said this prayer wherein I offered my hearty desires that God will help me because in my present circumstances as someone coming from another faith, it would be very difficult for me to take the first step towards any new faith. I asked sincerely for God’s help to reach out to me to lift me up from my fallen state as I saw God reaching out to that young boy whose name, I wasn’t even aware of! I asked for help and received it in the forthcoming days as my journey of spiritual rebirth unfolded!  

People welcomed us while we visited there, and they visited our home and we listened carefully to the priceless lessons that were taught by them. We prayed as a family to receive the answer and felt the warmth of God’s love touching our hearts with lasting peace and happiness which I had been searching for a long time.  

We accepted the gospel with gratitude and were baptized as a whole family. From then on, it has been a happy blissful journey. Both our sons went on missions as prepared Missionaries. Our journey had been very memorable with the newfound true faith, and we walk everyday with humility and obedience unto His commandments.  

The change of our lives has led to the change of our hearts. We have been sealed as a family in the holy Temple. Our busy lives have now become better lives! And the better life has helped us to be better children of God. I share this in the name of Jesus Christ Amen.