My First Baptismal Experience

Shawn Ammon William, Gandhipuram Branch, India Coimbatore District
My First Baptismal Experience By Shawn Ammon William, Gandhipuram Branch, India Coimbatore District

When my brother Shane was about to turn 8 in a couple of weeks, he was asked - who should baptize him. He thought for a while and said,' Shawn Anna' (brother). I was shocked to hear his answer but happy at the same time.

Many questions came to mind: 'Am I worthy to baptize him?' 'Do I hold the right priesthood office to baptize my brother?' and 'Am I good or the right person?' I asked my dad if I was worthy of doing so. He said, 'Ask yourself this question, think where you stand and then ask the Lord with real intent in sincere prayer'. My father's guidance made me evaluate myself and my present state with the Lord, which allowed me to search the scriptures. From Doctrine and covenants 13, I learned that the Aaronic Priesthood holds the Keys of baptism by immersion for the remission of sins. Soon after this, I received a phone call from my branch president; he invited me to meet him, following which I was ordained to the office of Priest, which was necessary to baptize my brother. I understood that this was an answer to my questions.

I prepared to baptize my brother by making myself worthy. The most awaited day came; I was scared yet excited. We both entered the waters of baptism with great full hearts. When I entered the water, I remembered the day I was baptized. After the baptismal prayer, when Shane went into the water and came out, I felt the same joy when I was baptized. Shane was filled with joy, and his eyes were filled with tears. The ordinance was a memorable one. It was a great experience for me to baptize my brother. Through this experience, I learnt the importance of the priesthood and how it can bless my family and others.