Missionaries are Angels to Our Family

What a joy it is for us, the Suresh Balan family, to testify about God's angels in the form of Latter-day Saint missionaries, who planted in our hearts the gospel of truth, and years later, prepared my son for his baptism. The presence of the Spirit heavily filled the room and we were enveloped by the love of the Savior Jesus Christ as we held the baptismal service of Bevan.

His life has completely changed since he entered the waters of baptism. We can see how much closer he is now to Heavenly Father through his efforts to be pure in heart. Bevan's character has significantly improved as he strives harder to follow Christ's example, thanks to the missionaries who prepared him well. God continues to advance the work of salvation through His earthly vessels called to serve. We will never forget Elder Sumarajan and Elder Vishwanathan.

Just before Bevan's baptism, Elder Sumarajan called and told us about his transfer to Bangalore. You can imagine how much this upset my son. After the service, we had concluded that Elder Sumarajan hereafter would hardly ever call Bevan. He proved us wrong and has called weekly since he left, this brings back precious memories of his teaching visits. We miss him dearly. He is so full of love and a worthy priesthood holder.

At the time of my husband's motor accident in November 2020, the Elders gave me a blessing of comfort and let me know that all the missionaries in the district were fasting and praying for his speedy recovery. Amid the pain, the members and missionaries were great support and comfort. What a blessing they are. I testify that the missionaries are called with a sacred calling to represent Christ, and they do their very best.