Lord Is My Light   


I feel immensely grateful to the Lord, for he allows His light to shine. The Lord brings light and salvation to all his children. My personal experience has proved it right not once but countless times. Even the very thought of my mind is being heard from on high, which is a miracle. One day I happened to think of my favourite food which I prepared long back. I did not even tell anyone or even utter a prayer; it was just a thought, and my family members served me the same, in the next few minutes. The other day I was thinking about a missing dress; the next moment, it was before my eyes, while I did not even try to search. In another instance, I was preparing a report that was not required then, but I did it because I was inspired, not knowing its reason. The next hour I was demanded the same by the management. It was miraculous to me. These three incidents might be very trivial to each one of us, but one thing I learnt out of these is the assurance that the Lord is mindful of each one of us. As the scriptures teach, 'The Lord understands all the imaginations of the thoughts.' 1 yes! He did understand my imaginations and thoughts. He is passionate to listen, even the silliest of all our prayers; he takes the effort as a father to understand even the ludicrous thoughts of his children. I search for words that could express my gratitude to Almighty for leading me in my every step. His light is guiding me through always. God's love is individual and personal in its reach. Even during a storm, we can find Joy.

1 1Chronicles 28:9