Lighting the World Day by Day


Last December I had many wonderful experiences as I followed the suggestions on the “Light the World” calendar.  Here are just two of them:

Eat lunch with someone new.

I am the quality auditor on a particular project at work. I had a dispute with a junior collogue on my team which strained our relationship. In order to improve it, I had lunch with him. I didn’t know him very well and after having lunch with him our relationship improved.  I learned to see his other talents. He is a wonderful dancer and an excellent choreographer. Our relationship continues to grow as I have asked him to be the instructor for my five year old daughter who is interested in dance.

Cheer someone on!

One of my neighbor friends was having marital conflict with his wife.  It had gone on for about 12 years, and they had been separated for the past three years.  He was very worried about his marriage, upset and unable to concentrate on anything.  So a friend and I decided to go meet my neighbor’s separated wife who lives with two of their children 110 km away.  We took an early morning bus to the neighboring state of Kerala, traveling around four hours. We met his wife and spent the whole day counseling with each other about the importance of family in a persuasive manner.  Twelve years of bitterness slowly faded away giving them hope to live together once again, and I  felt the true Christmas spirit as I saw the family being reunited. I am grateful for the “Light the World” calendar.