Learn Wisdom in Thy Youth 

image of missionary

The seven-day MTC training activity brought great change in the life of the rising generation who are the youth of the church. Imagine how many souls would be lost without the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ upon the Earth. In fact, there could be no greater work than Missionary Work in serving Heavenly Father and His children. The thoughts of missionary experiences I had before going to the MTC and the challenges I faced while preparing to serve a full-time mission, led me to magnify with my might my current calling as Branch Missionary Training Instructor in the India Coimbatore 3rd Branch. 

    Receiving this call, I said to myself, I will answer whatever calls upon me. I prayed about how best I could use my mission experiences to prepare prospective missionaries and youth to have a desire to serve full-time missions. I witness that the Lord answers prayer, when a returned missionary, Sister Sravani Sasidhar extended a hand to help me in fulfilling my call.  While in lockdown, I wondered how I could possibly continue serving and preparing the youth. Along with Sister Sravani, we set a theme and a schedule for '7 DAYS MTC TRAINING EXPERIENCE.” This theme was chosen because she never had a MTC training experience prior to entering the mission field. This may also be true for future missionaries preparing for service, especially in pandemic times such as this. The opportunity to provide our youth with the feel of MTC training while in confinement was glorious.

     From the 6th to the 13th of April 2020, we followed a strict schedule. Despite present challenges, we found joy and peace in our Saviour, His gospel and in His work. The remote  MTC experience was possible through the gift of technology. With love, cooperation and zeal, they took the bull by the horn to undergo the 7 days training and learning. 

   The prospective Missionaries, paired remotely, followed the missionary daily schedule by doing personal and companionship scripture study and both shared their spiritual thoughts to each other as they planned for their investigators, and called them to confirm appointments. In this period of time, their knowledge and zest to share the gospel grew. The experience for them was wonderful. 

    Their investigators included full-time missionaries of the Coimbatore India district, returned missionaries and members of the Church. We had zone conference as full-time missionaries would and received uplifting training from the Coimbatore India District full-time missionaries (both Elders and Sisters), returned missionaries and the Branch President. To this end have I seen a Relief Society sister assisting a priesthood holder to magnify his calling side by side. Having the privilege to serve with them, I bear solemn witness to the improvement in understanding of gospel knowledge of our prospective missionaries. I know that honest and sincere magnification of our callings brings heavenly blessings, and in doing so, all things work together for our good. Missionary work is divine and the feel of the MTC training experience increased our desire to serve Heavenly Father and His children. I know that a life of sacrifice and service leads to joy, peace and happiness in this world and in the world to come; in the name of Him by whom the Old Ship Zion was built, even Jesus Christ amen.