Learn, Love And Live The Gospel Of Jesus Christ

The Church Education System pro- vides various opportunities for the members who are eager and ready to learn the gospel at all times and in all situations. The youth, young single adults and adults above 30, participate actively in the seminary, institute and adult religion class provided by the church educational system to enlighten their knowledge, strengthen their testimony and lift up one another. The Coimbatore India district has six branches that mainly focus on encouraging the members to participate in these classes for the youth and Young Single Adults to prepare for their missions and for the adults to stay connected in the gospel.

Despite many difficulties like studies and jobs, the youth and Young single Adults prioritise attending this class and apply the counsel from Prophet Thomas. S. Monson, “Make seminary and institute your priority.”1 Students of these three groups tried their level best to attend the classes in person and on- line. At the same time, when they are not able to make it, they choose to do the make-up work rather than to skip the class, which shows their love for learning the gospel.

It was wonderful to hear from the young single adults about Institute;

• Sister Amalareena said, “I feel very happy and peaceful when I attend the class.”

• “It is a pleasure to graduate Institute class; it helped me to learn the gospel and has strengthened my testimony,” said Brother Simon.

• Brother Prem felt that it is a privilege to know the impor- tance of learning the gospel and gain knowledge.

• Brother Ajay Anand said, “I am delighted and excited to be graduated from seminary;
I had attended classes for four years and enjoyed my classes. I learned so much and gained personal Testimony about our Saviour Jesus Christ.

Young Single Adults, Coimbatore India District
Young Single Adults, Coimbatore India District

Parents of the youth and Young single adults encouraged their children to be regular in the classes as they felt that studying the scripture more deeply in this class would definitely bless the lives of the rising generation to hold on to the iron rod.

On the other hand, members above 30 years attended the adult religion classes at two different timing on every Saturday, one at 6 am and another at 6:30 pm online. Around 25-30 members attended the class every week; the spirit was so strong. Everyone shared their heart- felt testimony, which strengthened the gathering. As the scripture says, “Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and then all things shall be added unto you.”2 This has become true as the saints in Coimbatore give time to be nourished by the good word of God through CES.


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