Joy of Returning to the Church and Meeting the Fellow Saints


“Your safety and well-being will always be our utmost concern,” said President Russell M. Nelson. Finally! The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has reopened in Coimbatore again after 19 months by following the lead of government, the guidance of the leaders and other healthcare facilities around the district. The Church is moving forward in the areas with ample caution.  

This is indeed exciting news to hear that the church is getting reopened again. Members were glad to visit their fellow saints face to face after a long shutdown, yeah! We are off from virtual sacrament church meetings. It was special as families came with their kids. Though they were able to connect with the people every Sunday through zoom, it’s always a different vibe that the technology gives. It was amazing to set off the Sunday morning as a family getting ready with their scripture bags for church and switching back again to their usual routine. We were excited to see our fellow brothers and sisters sitting together as a family in the chapel to partake of the sacrament.  

It was great to hear from the members about their strong faith, commitments, and willingness to do the Lord’s work as we listened to the testimonies of the members. The building was far away from the members of the Church in the Coimbatore District, but keeping the sabbath day holy, partaking of the sacrament and attending the classes with the great spirit remained the same at our loving homes. 

 Sis Geetha of Tirupur branch said, “Coming to the church as a family gives us joy to see the real happiness in my kids face”. A young single adult Br. Naveen of 2nd branch said joyfully that meeting the friends of same faith gives him peace and joy.  

The young man Jeshwin Kathiresan was excited to attend the church by holding his sister’s hand as he mentioned that he feels closer to Heavenly Father as he tries to show his great love for his cute sister. A primary child Kanishka was happy to be in the church along with her parents and grandma after a long gap as she recently turned 8 years and had been baptized.  

Living the gospel, studying the scriptures, praying regularly, and keeping the commandments of the Lord gives us joy and peace as we do those things with more commitment and love for the Almighty. The voice of the prophet is a shield for the families to be protected and safeguarded. The family that prays together will definitely stay together for eternity.