It Is A Blessing To Be A Missionary


Every morning has been special ever since I returned home from my mission. I wake up to messages that thank me for who I am and words that motivate me to be better. Now, many came to me asking what’s so special about these 18 months? What did you gain? First, it was my CHOICE. It was not a ritual nor a forced commitment. I am grateful that I got to work with awesome people who inspired me to have meaningful goals in life and follow them. I met and lived with people who have been blown by life’s bat­tles, who had a second chance in life and never missed it. I went there looking for people who need­ed hope and peace in their life. Home is not just where you were born but where you find yourself. My second home is my mission. I saw myself stretching beyond my capacities to serve others. I was humbled as I saw families and friends who live a very simple life but have priceless hearts. I found strength in people who walk the way they talk. I found a world without discrimination and possible only through “LOVE”.

It may sound dramatic, but I be­lieve the depth of my feeling makes it sound that way. I was a stranger in those lands that I stepped into, yet I felt at home. It doesn’t make me a saint or something, but it just taught me that a saint is someone who keeps trying his best to serve others. That made me understand that I don’t have to be perfect. Of course, I have missed the liter­al world and its concourses, but I never would regret it. When I serve others, I understand that there is someone, who is physically far from us but isn’t that far from reaching to us through someone. And to such a mighty personage, even the Almighty, Loving Heavenly Father, and His Son Jesus Christ, the Saviour and Friend, each one of us matter and mean everything to them. The 18 months were the best in my life and the best decision that I ever made in my life. I don’t think all these I got would be equivalent to any money because, these are priceless. They say some things we can never buy. I agree they can never be bought.

The world may seem incredibly unfair here and there, but there’s so much to learn and become. There is no need for every young single woman to go on a mission like me, but each of our missions is unique and special. But, there is no joy greater than the Joy coming from serving Him and His children, which includes every one of us.