Institute Is Godsent

Institute classes helped me understand God's nature and His miraculous ways of leading His people in the Old Testament. I always thought that the Old Testament was mostly about the history of Israel. However, from the classes, I learned about Christ, His nature, His creations, His love towards me, and His great plans for the His Children. Attending institute classes taught me the importance of Jesus Christ’s mission and His work.

Elder Packer said, 'In the history of the Church, there is no better illustration of the prophetic preparation of this people than the beginnings of the seminary and institute program. These programs were started when they were nice but were not critically needed. They were granted a season to flourish and to grow into a bulwark for the Church. They now become a godsend for the salvation of modern Israel in a most challenging hour. We are now encircled. These are the last days, foreseen by prophets in ancient times.' 

Institute Is Godsent

Institute classes helped me understand the doctrine more clearly, because of which my testimony towards our  Saviour has strengthened. Many experiences from the prophets in the Old Testament reminded me of Jesus Christ and His ability to save me. For instance, when Noah’s family was saved from the flood in the ark or when Jonah was given time to repent while in the stomach of a whale. These events reminded me that the Saviour could carry me through the storms of life and give me opportunities to get back on the right course. I am grateful that I can learn of these things early, through God-sent institute classes that are helping me to build a strong foundation.



1. Elder Boyd. K. Packer, Teach the Scriptures, Church Educational System, 1978