Influence of Righteous Women


'No one can do what a righteous woman can do', 1 a quote that always stays close to my heart. There are few women whom I consider righteous in everything and influenced me to become one. First, I would like to thank all the women out there for sacrificing the most precious things to lead their families and friends in a good way by being an example. Lord loves us for who we are, and He calls us daughters.

Many years ago, when my daughters were young, I had to leave for a different country due to family crises. I worked in Lebanon, a country in western Asia. My boss's family were Christian's, and I was a convert to Christianity, but then I did not know anything about God. My boss was a very kind, humble and loving person. Her compassionate nature always touched me and helped me to become closer to God. I learnt to be sympathetic. When I had to leave my young daughters, I was devastated and broken, but situations made me do it. Then my very dear sister-in-law ( Vaddi Lakshmi) and her family took care of my daughters while I was away. She had three children of her own and my three daughters, and I can understand how hard it is to take care of six children while working as a nurse. However, she never complained; she continued to be submissive and loving. I am grateful to her family because of her; my children accepted the Gospel and became members. I have learnt to be patient and submissive from her beautiful nature.

Being righteous is difficult sometimes, but from these women, I have learnt that when you have an influence of God and his Gospel, it will be easy. Sister Sharon Eubank said, 'Being righteous doesn't mean being perfect or never making mistakes. It means developing an inner connection with God, repenting of our sins and mistakes, and freely helping others'.2 This quote made me understand that I can also be a righteous woman when I have an inner connection with my saviour and my Father in Heaven. By following this counsel, I have received a light that can shine even in darkness, a sense of belonging. By being righteous woman, we can become a loved daughter of Father in Heaven. I know our Lord want us to become better. He is not worried about our imperfection's, but he cares more about our desires and intentions. Every day is a chance to make a choice, an opportunity given, and I am glad that I choose to make an inner connection with Heavenly Father and His son Jesus Christ.



1 President Russell M Nelson, 'Sister's Participation in the Gathering of Israel', October 2018 General Conference.

2 Sister. Sharon Eubank, 'Turn on your Light,' October 2017 General Conference.