Importance Of Personal Testimony


My Journey in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints began when I was five years old. I was born in a Christian family, and we used to attend services of different faiths at that time. I did not know much about Heavenly father and his plans; the only thing I knew about him is that he loves us with all his heart. I regularly attended primary, prayed, and studied scriptures; however, that was not enough to gain personal Testimony. Growing up in the Gospel, I have learned that 'Testimony emerges over time and through life's experiences…They come from prayer and from studying the scriptures and applying them in our lives.' 1

I prayed with much faith and hoped to receive an answer from him, and yes, I did receive answers to my prayer through scriptures. I was thrilled to know that he answered my prayers.  I understood that he was there for me all the time. After this experience, I started pondering more and more. Since then, He has lived in all my works. When my friends were confined to worldly things, I knew my true self, where I belonged, and what I had to do to enter his kingdom.

Every commandment from above is a Gift to us; when we follow, the blessing is sure. Several times my friends challenged me with the commandment 'Word of Wisdom', yet I stayed on the narrow path and never failed to choose the right. As a family, we helped each other to follow the commandments. On occasions, few of my classmates were engaged in actions that were not in the standard of the Gospel, and they wanted me to join them, which is when I stood against them, I couldn't believe that I would be able to change that predicament. That's how His Gospel has played a significant role in my life, and these experiences are helping me gain a stronger testimony.

Once we receive this personal Testimony, it is not easy to maintain them. But if we continue to progress closer unto him constantly, our Joy will be complete in Him. There are times we suffer; we can't trust or rely on people, but our Father in Heaven will always be there for us, and scriptures alone can comfort us. And the Testimony that we have gained will lift us and help us understand what He has in store for us.


1 Elder Robert D. Hales, 'The Importance of Receiving a Personal Testimony' October 1994 General Conference.