Immerse yourself in Family History 

In 2012, two missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints knocked on our door and brought our family into the true gospel of Jesus Christ. Elder Hadson and Elder Juriel taught us about the Book of Mormon although my mom was hesitant to listen at the beginning but my dad was interested in learning the gospel. The day came that my parents were baptized, followed by brother, myself and my sister. Our family was able to stay strong in the Church and we prepared ourselves to be sealed in the temple.

As we gathered names for the temple, I got to know the importance of saving the souls whom I loved the most and who trusted me to save them. It motivated me to find the souls in my family who needed to be saved by doing the family history work. With the help of the family history consultant along with the support of my parents, I started to find and search for details of the dead and the living.

During this pandemic I was able to collect more information to make my family tree grow and also was able to help my branch members to do the same. I know that as I am involved in this great work with more spirit, definitely the Lord will bless me to do what is right. I testify that doing family history work connects families on both the sides of the veil.

Young Woman