I belong to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

I belong to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

“I belong to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints” was the theme for the children’s sacrament presentation for the year 2003. My journey with primary began when i joined the Church on 1st December 2002. Few weeks after my baptism, My branch president called and extended me a call to serve as a nursery teacher. With this calling, My joy was amass. While investigating the church, I always wondered what a wonderful example the Primary children are and asked myself many times questions such as “can I bear testimony like these children? Or can i recite scriptures valiantly like them?”

Every year the primary auxiliary is assigned a yearly theme for primary: Sharing Time, the outline contains instructions on new songs, scriptures, and lessons that the children will be taught during the primary meetings by the Primary presidency and teachers. The branch primary president, sister pramila Dangwal of New Delhi 2nd Branch at that time, included me to actively participate and assist in the children’s preparation for the yearly children’s sacrament presentation and other activities. As I served in the primary and worked with those little children, my testimony began to grow as prophet Alma described in the Book of Mormon.

Serving in primary helped me learn what i had missed learning in my childhood and helped me to know the importance of the gospel learning in early years of our lives. It also taught me what to teach my future children so they grow in the gospel of Jesus Christ. Currently, I am serving as district primary president in Coimbatore India District, Where i have the wonderful opportunity to work with primary children and primary leaders in various branches in the District. I know primary in each branch, Ward or home groups prepare little children spiritually be strong but it brings miracles in the lives of the primary leaders, teachers and parents who work with them. 

Sister Mahalakshmi Jayakaran, Primary President, Coimbatore 1st Branch, “I am happy to see that we are a little part in the lord’s hand in preparing His children to rise in the church. When i see them i feel very proud and very humbled in His service. As a women and a sister I feel the trust The Lord puts on us to do His will.

When i see the children fulfilling their assignments today on the stage and the smiles of the parents, what would I say except The Lord has a great trust on me in molding His children. Again i see the Lord’s love through them.

I remember the scripture that says, “out of small and simple things great thing come to pass.” Which is true, I am seeing that happening with our children.  Heavenly Father’s children will be molded well by His teachings and parents partnering in helping their children become great leaders in the future.

“I love my Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is my Saviour. I will serve Him with all my heart.”

Sister Vinitha Appusamy, Primary President, Coimbatore 2nd Branch, “My journey with the little glittering stars gives me a new experience. Monday to Saturday being in the world we face a lot of troubles and bits of happiness but the full happiness comes only on Sunday in partaking the sacrament and looking at the smiles on the face of the children. 

To me primary is a place of happiness. I enjoy teaching to them about the importance of families and also the Savior’s love for them. They follow the teachings and are sharing those teachings and love towards their families and also to us.

Before I used to ask The Lord to help free me from anger, but now God answered my prayer by calling me into this calling. Even if children make trouble I ask myself 'Where is your anger?'

I conclude my testimony that I know and I believe Savior loves us and to show His love to the children, He called each one of us into this calling. Of these things I joyfully testify in the sacred name of Jesus Christ. Amen.”

Sister Roses Anitha Brigith, Primary President, Coimbatore 3rd Branch, “I have been serving as branch primary president for 3 years. Through this calling, I have learnt a lot of patience which is also helpful in my family. I have learned to treat my children with love and patience because of my experience from the calling. I love to serve in the primary, I know Heavenly Father has prepared me to receive this calling and learn many things from this calling.”