I Am a Missionary for My Ancestors


When I heard about Temple and Family History work in Temple preparation classes for the first time, it was new. In the class, I received a booklet to record the names. I added a few names that I knew and worked on to find other names. A Few days later, I attended Elders Quorum class where the family history topic was discussed, and this time I had a strong desire to start finding names.

I made a little effort to call my relatives to ask for the information I needed. However, I did not receive such information. I consistently contacted my relatives to collect the details, but my phone calls and messages were ignored. Though it was disappointing, I did not give up. I prayed that the Lord would soften their hearts, and I have witnessed the miracle happening in no time. My cousins started calling me to share the information I was looking for.

To collect more information, I had planned and visited my native place to gather more names of my ancestors. My great-grandfather left Warangal (my native place) to settle in Hyderabad. After 80 years, we had a family reunion; along with my grandfather and a few other family members, I visited them to do genealogy work. I met them only because of the family history. During my visit, I felt happy and the joy to meet many for the first time was amazing. I hugged each person there; it was hard to say goodbye. Now, I am regularly in contact with them through calls and messages. If not for the work of salvation, I would not have met them at all. These wonderful feelings of joy lead me to visit my grandparent's village after 35 years. I spent time with them and made memories to cherish forever.

Family History work has connected me again to my family and many childhood memories. I am grateful to the Lord who has helped me do His work. I am thankful for the restored Gospel, which has helped me connect to my extended family members; I would never know they existed if not for the Family History work. The constant support of the Leaders has encouraged me to do the family history work, for which I am grateful to them. The Lord has helped me to turn my heart to my fathers, as promised by our Lord in scriptures; 'The Lord giveth no commandments unto the children of men, save he shall prepare a way for them that they may accomplish the thing which he commandeth them.' 1 My way was prepared by our Lord, and I completed my four Generation Family History Work. I have fallen in love with Genealogy Work. I continue to gather more and more information about my families, so they can have the opportunity to accept the Gospel. I am a Missionary for my Ancestors!!


1 1 Nephi 3:7