Hyderabad Stake YSA Activity July 2014

Hyderabad Stake YSA Activity July 2014

Around 2 pm there were about 80 Young single adults gathered together at West Marredpally. They have enjoyed playing games together.

Later they had group discussion on CES Devotionals as follows.
What Is the Blueprint of Christ's Church?            Elder Tad R. Callister
Tuning Our Hearts to the Voice of the Spirit        Linda K. Burton
Be Still, and Know That I Am God                      Elder M. Russell Ballard

They were divided into three groups. Each group had 3 presenters. After they have presented the summary of each devotional address, they had group discussion on them. Many YSA’s testified that this message has strengthened their faith and expressed gratitude for the speakers.

Panel discussion with the returned missionaries:

After that, they had panel discussion with the retuned Missionaries of age between 18 – 30 years. And had discussion on why they chose to go on mission and how they have overcome any challenges they have faced. This was very fruitful as all the YSA got a spirit of missionary work and committed to go on full time mission. Then they also have discussed on how to choose eternal companion and completed their activities.

Over all this YSA fireside, helped the YSA to get along well with each other and the discussion on CES Devotionals and with the retuned missionaries made them spiritually strengthened.