Holy Ghost in Our Lives


Holy Ghost plays a vital role in our lives. The Lord told His disciples: 'If I go not away, the COMFORTER will not come unto you,' 1 Before He departed from the earth, he gave us the Holy Ghost as our Constant Companion. This act shows the love of our Savior for his people.

In the Book of Mormon, Nephi bears record, 'And I also saw and bear record that the Holy Ghost fell upon twelve others; and they were ordained of God and chosen.' 2 Our Lord never wants his children to go astray from the righteous path or be clueless upon this earth after his mortal life. That is why he gave Holy Ghost to his disciple so they could preach and teach his people here on earth.

In my life, I have learned that the Holy Ghost plays a significant role in our lives and helps us in the following ways:

  1. Holy Ghost is our constant companion. President Gordon B. Hinckley once said,' The Holy Ghost shall be our Constant companion to buoy us, to teach us, comfort us, and sustain us. We need to obtain his companionship; we need to ask for it, to live for it, to be loyal to the Lord; he guides us, protect us, and bless us.' 3

  2. The Holy Ghost bears testimony concerning the father and the son in our hearts.

  3. He is a compass (Liahona) to our soul and directs us in our affliction, in tribulation and helps us make the right decision.

  4. Holy Ghost testifies the truth, 'And then by the power of the Holy Ghost ye may know the truth of all things.' 4

  5. Holy Ghost gives guidance and direction to our souls. Our greatest help will come from the Lord Himself as we supplicate and plead with Him in humble prayers. When we keep asking, repeatedly, we feel the spirit of God and receive the answer from above. If we completely depend and rely on Him.

  6. Holy Ghost helps us to get personal revelation. Only when we stay righteous and worthy of living with it. It feeds the spirit and nourishes our souls. Always listen to the promptings of the spirit. When we seek for it diligently, we will get personal revelation, and when we act accordingly, we can witness miracles in our life's.

  7. Holy Ghost conveys the message through its still, small voice. It comes in response to prayer; also, it comes in the silence of the night.

Holy Ghost works in every moment of our lives only if we allow it. If we strive hard to listen and obey, we will be on the safer side in this journey of our precious lives. Therefore, let us seek the spirit in all our doings. I have always felt the influence of the Holy Ghost in my life, and the blessings are innumerable when we give heed to its promptings.


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