His Plan For Me

I came to 'The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints' with my family. Though we come from a Christian background, we had little knowledge about Christ. During my school days, I had many questions because of my poor understanding of the Gospel. As my questions remained unanswered, a few years later, my family met two young boys called the missionaries who were similar to my age.

Days passed, and the missionaries started teaching the lessons; I learnt many new things and my questions were being answered one after the other. It also increased my curiosity to attend church on Sundays to understand the Gospel better. On my first Sunday, everything around me was new. However, the members made me feel comfortable. I still remember the class I attended in the young men's quorum, which inspired me to attend the Sunday meetings regularly and build my testimony about the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Later, all my questions were answered by the missionaries and leaders. Constantly reading the scriptures and pondering upon the words of Christ changed my life completely. It made me recognise 'Who I am?' and helped me know my purpose in this mortal life. It helped me increase my Faith in Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and build my testimony on the fulness of the Gospel. The desire to learn the truth helped me gain the knowledge and wisdom of the Lord by which the merciful Lord filled my empty bowl with full of glitters.

I am not a pianist, but I have learnt to play the music for the hymn 284 – 'If you could hie to Kolob.' I feel something special whenever I hear or play this hymn. Today after six years, I am standing as a witness to how the Gospel of Jesus Christ can change lives. My life has been blessed with many blessings because of the small steps I took to know and live the gospel standards.

It was not easy at all; it took time, and I often failed. Many times, the adversary worked harder than me to bring me down and put me in darkness. But I never gave up, and I strongly believe if we trust in the Lord and march towards our faithful desire to follow the Gospel, His light will always be around us and make us walk through the right path. And I am so happy and grateful to the Lord for choosing me to be His instrument to serve His people through various callings in the church. And I know by the help of the Holy Spirit and His constant guidance, I will return to Him one day.

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