His is My Hope

His is My Hope

There have been times when I was having a hard time and could not make the correct decisions in my life. Work, problems and pain were all part of my busy work life.

July 2011, my cousin’s brother invited me to attend church. I was introduced to the missionaries that same day. I began to listen to their message and felt the Holy Ghost as I learned the true gospel. I was also touched by the spirit of missionary work. I wanted to serve the Lord. On September 18, 2011, I was baptized and confirmed a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Since that day, I have seen many changes in my life. As I would attend appointments with the missionaries, my desire to serve a mission increased. I had a desire to serve God. I  submitted my mission papers and awaited my call to serve as a full-time missionary. I was called to serve in the India New Delhi Mission.

Currently, I serve in New Delhi and feel grateful to act as an instrument in the Lord’s hands. I love serving people and find true happiness as I do this. I have learned many things about people. No matter what the problems  I may experience, I put my faith and trust in God that he will strengthen me. During my service I have had family members  depart this life. I found this very difficult but I know Heavenly Father’s plan. What a wonderful blessing it is to realize that we will see our  departed ancestors again as a family. 

 I am grateful to my Heavenly Father that He has allowed me to serve in his vineyard. I am also grateful for my brother Robert Anthony who showed me the path back to my Heavenly Father. I am also grateful for Jesus Christ and his Atonement. I know that the teachings of Jesus Christ are true and that by following Him we better understand our purpose here on earth. I also know the Book of Mormon is true and that prophet, Joseph Smith restored the gospel in these latter days. I also know that Thomas S. Monson is a true living prophet who is helping us to follow a righteous path. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.